Hey folks, sorry for not posting here for a while. I've been very busy and haven't updated my website as a result.

I've recently been working on an eBook called 'From DAW to Score'. It goes into detail about the process involved in film and tv music from getting feedback from directors and producers, to cleaning up your midi files in your DAW, ready to import into Sibelius for orchestration. 

This is information which hasn't been touched on anywhere on the internet, so my aim is to fill this hole of knowledge. I know that something like this would've been hugely useful to me 3-4 years ago, but instead I just learned on the job. My experiences are touched upon in the book, and I aim to educate anybody who wants to go into this industry, and doesn't have much of an idea of how it all works, and the process from start to finish on a job. It can also appeal to those in the industry already, but don't have much experience of working with a team of people (orchestrators/copyists) or recording sessions.

Here are some topics that feature in the book.

  • Understanding The Musical Process In Film & TV

  • How Much Should I Be Charging?

  • Problems That You May Encounter in Sessions (And How To Avoid Them)

  • Making Life Easier For The Composer (When You’re The Orchestrator)

  • The Importance Of A Cue Sheet

  • How Are Movies Delivered To The Composer?

  • Preparing Your Midi For Orchestration

  • Quantizing Your Midi Data

  • Importing The Midi Into Sibelius

With this eBook, it'll make it far easier to understand the way in which a project stays afloat, and the organisation which occurs on a job. Towards the end of the book, I go into detail about how to get your midi into a state whereby it is ready to be imported into Sibelius for orchestration. There are lots of screenshots to demonstrate this.

I aim to release it by the end of Feb 2017 and it'll be on the market for £4.99 along with a FREE professional & customised Sibelius template which saves any messing around when you begin the orchestration process. 

I'll keep you posted.