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Tristan goes to great lengths to guarantee that all parts and scores are 100% readable upon first glance. Since the players are sight reading in the studio, the parts have to be laid out in a specific way to maximise reading efficiency and accuracy. Having worked on high budget productions such as Planet Earth II (BBC 1), Endeavour (ITV 1) and The Ridiculous Six (Netflix) and many more, Tristan has had the necessary experience to ensure that there are no faults or errors.

Upon receiving the scores for the first time, Tristan applies a custom-made, industry standard house style which prepares the parts to look professional and smart. After this procedure, it's then a case of being pragmatic which gets your project smoothly across the finish line in the most cost effective but high quality manner.


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Going to the next level to source high quality materials is imperative in the studio setting. Heavier, thicker paper ensures that the music isn't flimsy and doesn't fall off the stand whilst being cheap for the client is important. 

With a high quality laser printer and exceptional toner quality, you can expect a sharp finish to the scores and parts that allows the notation to stand out on the page in the studio. At a speed of 55 pages per minute, Tristan can print scores quickly, thus lowering the price needed to get your project from a digital score in a notation program, to a fully prepared and printed score ready to be performed by world-class musicians.

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Preparing adequately for recording sessions and live shows is one of the most forgotten about but most important things of the job. For every job, Tristan ensures that a cue sheet spreadsheet is created which include all the necessary details to keep the session running smoothly. 

Tristan delivers all of the parts and scores well in advance of the session and attends the recording session, just in case any last minute changes to the scores happen on the scoring stage. Having had experience as a composer, orchestrator and music copyist, you can be sure that all the necessary steps have been taken care of to guarantee that your session runs like clock work with no hiccups.



In an industry where time is of the essence, you can be safe in the knowledge that your project will be completed to the highest quality in virtually no time. From receiving the call to begin work on the job, to delivering the scores to the studio, the time taken can be a matter of hours and working all night is no exception if need be. 

Tristan is highly skilled and efficient in Sibelius and Dorico, ensuring maximum coverage across a few of the major notation programs.



You can be rest assured that calling at any hour on any day of the week will not be a problem. Call Tristan on 0794 849 4246 or get in touch via email to discuss a project or quote at